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Sorède-Pic Néoulous

Immersion in the Albères national forest to reach the summit at 1256m. Exceptional view.


Bring water and snacks, cap, hat, windbreaker and walking shoes. Beware of the fresh and sometimes strong wind at the Pic.

Departure from the Sorède Tourist Office. Go on D1 on the left. Go straight up Rue des Lilas. Cross the river, the Tassio.
Go left, rue du Veinat, then rue du Mas Felix. cross the river again and go left on rue du Mas Soula. Go up along the river.
At this point, cross and cross a small barrier on the left. Follow the path in the broom then the oaks.
Cross the DFCI track to go straight up to Col dels Pomers (655m). Continue the path, it joins the one coming from Laroque. (Possibility of climbing on a hill to see the Dolmen "Balma del moro". You will pass through a chestnut grove. Cross the Ouillat forest track to reach the Col de la Vaca Vella, 20 minutes later arrive at the Col de l' Artiguet (1015m).
Further on, the path intersects with a track that goes towards the Tanyareda. Go west for 300 m then go up an embankment to arrive in a meadow (panorama on the Canigou) which you go up partly before entering the forest.
Arrive at the "Font del Puig Neulos" (in Catalan). From there the path goes up to the south to lead to the road that goes up to Pic Néoulous. To go down, do the circuit in the opposite direction.

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