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Les Cabanes de Mata Porcs par Sorède

A pleasant hike that crosses Sorède and allows you to discover old shepherd's huts in the Albères.


History, Mountain, Pastoralism, Viewpoint, Refuge

You enjoy nature, you love it, take care of it... You are taking a hiking trail along which regular household waste collection points are available to you. Out of respect for this exceptional space used each month by several tens of thousands of hikers and walkers, we invite you to drop off all your waste (glass, paper, leftover food, etc.) and those that you could unfortunately discover during your walk. Thanks to these simple but essential gestures, let's keep this site clean, as nature has graciously offered it to us.

Leave the Sorède Tourist Office towards the sundial and the bridge towards Argelès-sur-mer.
At the bridge, continue straight on, rue des Lilas then rue de Fount del Sabaté. At the junction, go left then take the footbridge over the Tassio.

At the fork, turn right, rue du Veïnat and take a slight right, rue du Mas Félix. Extend your route by crossing the Tassio a second time by the small wooden bridge and go up the path in front of you.

At this point, turn left rue du mas Soula and go straight, along the river. You will leave the subdivision to enter a shaded and marked path that runs along the river.
At the intersection take the path to the left and stay well on the route. Be careful, you will overhang the river by several dozen meters, be careful.

At this point continue on the path to the right until you reach the Vallée Heureuse road. Go right for a few meters then take the marked path on the left in the forest.
Continue on this path following the signposting. Before arriving on the track there is a steep slope. 
At this point go left up towards the huts.

Return to the path on the right and follow it to point 8.
Retrace your steps to point 7 where you will go to the right.
At this point go straight on the path that joins point 5 of the hike. From this point retrace your steps to point 4. Then go to the left.

Go right rue du Moulin Casenoves and take the first right rue du Mas Florenti then rue des Micocouliers.
At the end, go left for a few meters and right to reach rue du Formiguer.
Then turn left to reach the Tourist Office.


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