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Les Cabanes de Mata Porcs par Laroque

A short hike in the Albères which allows you to discover old shepherd's huts.


History, Mountain, Pastoralism, Refuge

Remember to hydrate well and protect yourself from the sun! In case of hot weather, leave early in the morning or at the end of the afternoon. Part of the trail (corresponding to points 1, 4 and 12 on the map) is not managed by the CC-AACVI.

From the Tourist Office – Maison de la Randonnée, reach the Church and the center of the village.
Opposite the gate of the Church, take the Rue de l'Eglise, dead end, which follows the path, limited on the left by a stream. The path leaves the village. On the right, Moulin de la Pave (former mill) then a few meters higher, pretty shaded fountain. Fountain of the Birds. The path follows a half-buried pipeline. You come to a fork, turn right. On your right, a small reservoir.
You arrive at a crossroads of paths. Indicative panels. Take the direction "Cabanes" and follow the track to the left. You pass a farmhouse on your right (Mas Bordes), continue on the track (always on the left). A yellow dot on your left indicates the Malzach Fountain below.
A few meters further you arrive at the intersection of the track which goes up to the Col de l'Ullat. Take it on the right. Follow this track until the start of another track on your left.

At this point two choices are possible, either a round trip on the track, or take the track to the left.
Starting on the left track, pass in front of a cistern on your right, continue for a few meters and take the small path which goes up on the right at the level of the panel. A little higher, you come across a fence (watch out for the herd, you have to close the barriers on the path). 

The path climbs steeply in the undergrowth. You will arrive in front of the fence of a pastoral area, you can cross it but do not forget to close the barriers because there may be cows. Continue to climb to the high track.
Turn left then right on the fairly steep path. Continuing this path you will find higher on your left a yellow point indicating a cross engraved in the stone. Cross a small stream, look to the right at these terraces which were still being worked sixty years ago.
A little above you will leave a small path on your right to take the next one still on the right, go up a little and turn right again to discover the first 2 huts. Retrace your steps a little and take the main path, below, which you have just left and turn right, a few meters further on the left a path descends into an undergrowth.
To take it. You will arrive at an old cortal (3rd ruin). Bypass it, and follow a fairly steep downhill path to reach a cross path. Take this path on the right and continue it until the third hut. Continue on this path following the yellow markings to reach the 4th cabin. Notice a little further, a small stone table and a small source. Continue straight to join the marked path which will take you to the place where you had descended towards the cortal.
Continue straight until the track which you will take on the left. Pass the barrier you encountered on the way up
continue this track downhill until the intersection of the track which comes from the Col de l'Ullat, you will take it on the right. Going down leave on your right the track taken for the climb,
continue the descent to a track on the left which you take and which brings you back to your starting point.


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