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Sur les routes des contrebandiers

Kayak along the vermilion coast and discover the beaches where smugglers transhipped their goods between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries.


Fauna, Flora, Geology, History, Point of view

If you leave without supervision, remember to check the weather forecast before your departure. You can plan a stopover in one of the coves located on the route. Plan mask and snorkel, the flora and the underwater fauna will delight you. Providers: Horizon kayak Blue Bear

Start from Les Elmes beach and go up to the left along the coast
Pass in front of Sana beach
Note this proud and haughty rock-tower called "Le Castell de Vellut" (velvet castle) which owes its name to the discovery by customs officers of a piece of Genoa velvet hidden by smugglers in an excavation of the rock
Pass in front of the Tamarius creek then the Pistolines creek and its remolinats (whirlpools). Further on, just before Cape Ullastrell, the cove of Felouga where the customs felucca "Le Linx" was set on fire in 1833.
Then the Plage du Fourat where fishermen's houses have been built
Then, arrive at the cove of Paulilles where the Nobel dynamite factory was installed and the workers' village (on site), currently you can visit a museum, a workshop of Catalan boats, an exhibition hall and the "director's garden" with its exotic trees and flowers
The arrival is on Bernardi beach.

(In case of contrary winds from Paulilles)

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