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Boucle des Albères – A la découverte d’un patrimoine sauvegardé

Local mobilization to help architectural heritage.



Be careful, rue Clemenceau where the Cloister is located is a one-way street, it is best to get off the bike to reach avenue Maréchal Joffre.

Leaving the cloister, turn right to go down towards the gendarmerie. Start following the signage.
Join the cycle route that you follow towards Le Boulou. 
Leave the cycle route to reach Montesquieu-des-Albères. You are on Long Street.
Go straight then on the heights of the village, do not hesitate to climb up to the castle. The view is magnificent.
Turn left and go past Place del Courreou and Place de l'Houm.
Then turn right on the Grand rue and continue on your way towards Villelongue-dels-Monts on the D11. When you arrive in Villelongue, you can discover the history of the Santa Maria del Vilar priory which has been completely updated and restored by local mobilization.
To reach it, you will have to leave your route and climb to the right in the Albères above Villelongue. To go to Saint Genis turn left on Avingunda de les Albères then slightly right Cami de l'Aguillo.
After arriving at Saint Genis via the Villelongue crossing, take Rue Pasteur after the Sardane roundabout.
Arriving in front of the Elie Delcros plot, either turn left and go through the "Carrerou" which cuts a little, or go straight ahead then twice left and twice right to arrive in front of the cloister.


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