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Boucle des Albères – Le grand parcours

Discover the heritage and craftsmanship in the villages of the Albères in a sporting way.



Respect the highway code of the road, wearing a helmet is strongly recommended for adults and compulsory for children. Provide good hydration.

On leaving the town hall car park, go to the right and follow the black markings. Join Laroque-des-Albères.
Take advantage of a stop to go up in the old village, up to the belvedere of the castle. Resume your road towards Saint-Genis-des-Fontaines then Villelongue-dels-Monts. Be careful between Villelongue and Montesquieu, you will cross a ford which can be closed after floods.
 In Montesquieu-des-Albères, your route passes in front of the village museum. Leaving Montesquieu, you join the cycle route, turn right towards Argelès.
Leaving the cycle route, turn left taking a small road that passes to the right of the agricultural school. You will arrive at Villelongue lake. So take a break in this wild environment.
Continue your journey to reach Palau-del-Vidre. Be careful, you will cross the D2 where the traffic is fast and dense. You now pass near the Chapelle de Cabanes which you can visit on certain days.
You then arrive at Palau-del-Vidre where you can discover the treasures of the church.
Now go to Saint-André. return to the cycle route, go to the large roundabout then pass in front of the college of Saint André, you can cross a ford which can be closed following floods.
In Saint André, the glassmakers work before your eyes. To reach them, you have to take rue de Taxo then go to the artisanal zone and return to the village to go back to Sorède. You now continue your journey to Sorède, your starting point. Do not forget to visit, here, the Valley of the turtles on the heights of the village.


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