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Hauts des forts – Le grand parcours

Sublime day hike to discover Collioure and its military heritage in grandiose landscapes.


Plan a good hydration and snack or picnic, do not forget cap or hat. Stay on marked trails. Do not throw anything in nature.

Leave Saint-Vincent beach towards the royal castle, follow the sea along the beach and the typical “le faubourg” district. Go up to the modern art museum of Collioure in the direction of the Cortina mill.
Turn left before climbing the stairs surrounded by olive trees that lead to the Cortina mill. You arrive at the Glorieta, with a magnificent view over the bay of Collioure. Turn right from the Glorieta, towards the Cortina mill.
Arrived at the Moulin, go up on the path that leads to Fort St-Elme which rises in front of you. Continue on this path which passes under the fort, until the first crossing, continue straight. At the second crossroads, turn left, go up the bitumen path that runs alongside the forts. Take this old road, which passes to the left of Fort Dugommier.
Arrived at the Col d'en Raixat (200m), take the dirt path which is on your left. magnificent view from the other side of the forts of Collioure. Follow this path which goes around the Puig de les Daines (333m). Magnificent panorama over Port-Vendres, Banyuls sur mer in the distance, Fort Béar and the Madeloc tower. At the first crossroads, take the path which rises on your right, then go down towards the Col de Mollo (231m) by the very steep path in the middle of the vegetation at the next change of direction (difficult passage).
Arrived at the Col de Mollo (231m) take the dirt path which rises in front of you in the junction of the two roads. Follow this path on the crest of the mountain which offers a magnificent view of the Vermeille coast. Once at the top, turn left, the Taillefer battery is above you.
Once on the paved road, take the second path on the right which climbs up the mountain ridge, with a magnificent view of the vermilion coast on the left, and the Ravaner valley on the right.
Follow the path that rises to reach the peak of the mountain until you reach the summit and the Tour Madeloc (652m). You are there at the highest point of the route. You have here a 360° view of the Vermeille coast, the Ravaner valley, the Pyrenees and Spain can be guessed in the background.
Go back down the old asphalt access road in front of you until you reach the stone building on a bend. Take the path on the left of this building which joins the Coll des Gascons (386m).
Take the asphalt road on your left to reach the Coll de Vallauria (420m). Once reached, take the second path on your right which descends into the valley (pay attention to the choice). Follow this path on the side of the mountain. At the crossroads to go up towards the Coll de tallaferro (465m), continue straight ahead to bypass the Taillefer battery until you reach the Col de la Serra (340m).
Once you have reached the Col de la Serra (340m), take the paved road on your right for 300 meters to reach a large rock by the side of the road, take the path behind this rock to reach Consolation.
Go back down towards consolation through the forest, follow the path (difficult passage). Arrived at Consolation take on the right the road which goes down towards the hollow of the cliff. Follow the “le dui” stream which descends towards Collioure with the bitumen path which follows the stream.
Arrival in the city center. Take the direction of the stadium by the asphalt road which rises, skirt the stadium then take on your right. Arrival on the Fort Carré trail. Follow the path to the fort. Continue on the path on the other side which leads to the round fort.
Go back down to the road, take on your right to reach the old road which goes down to the beach. Follow this one to reach the beach of Ouille.
Arrived at the beach of Ouille, take the stairs which rises in the cliff on your right (difficult passage). Arrival on the coastal path which runs along the sea. Proceed towards Collioure, seeing Fort Miradou. Take the path on your right to return to the road.
Take the road along the stadium to go down to the town of Collioure. Turn left at the first roundabout and walk along Fort Miradou to reach the old streets of Collioure.
Go down towards the Saint-Vincent church and its bell tower through the small streets. Once you have reached Saint-Vincent beach, return to the royal castle.


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