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Echappée ludique en famille dans les Albères

This loop from Argelès takes you to the villages located at the foot of the Albera.
A fun discovery is offered thanks to the Isalia game created by the Intercommunal Tourist Office.
The Discovery Farm in Saint André and the Valley of the Turtles in Sorède will delight young and old alike.


Provide sufficient hydration. Please respect the highway code. Consider wearing a helmet.

Go left on avenue des Platanes then turn right at the Arrival roundabout onto avenue Charles de Gaulle. Turn right, route de la Mer, at the service station.

Avenue Molière, turn right and go straight to the roundabout where you will take the third exit, rue des Trabucayres. At the next roundabout, take the second exit, rue du 14 Juillet then the first street on the right which runs along the river "La Massana".

Turn left at the ford to reach rue des Merles then rue des Colibris. Bypass the bank by the impasse des Sarcelles and go left on the cycle path which joins the roundabout.
Cross and take the small road opposite.
Go down, passing the railway line, then turn left at the small bridge. You will pass a model aircraft club. Continue and at the large roundabout, stay right on the Pirenexus which runs alongside the D618.

Turn right and follow a small, very pleasant paved road.
Enjoy a good time at the discovery farm, more info, click here. then retrace your steps to the Pirenexus. Go right then turn left under the bridge on the Chemin du Mas Nou. Continue on the Taxo road to Saint-André.

Turn right, rue de Taxo, then right again, rue du Miloussa.
Then take the first street on the left to reach the heart of the village.
At the Tourist Office you can purchase the game “Isalia”.

Departure for Sorède via rue des Albères. At the roundabout, take the second right and go up towards Rue Joan Cayrol then continue on Chemin de Saint-André. You will soon be traveling on a portion of Euro Vélo 8 through olive fields and vineyards.

At this point, turn right and cross the ford. Turn left on the Palau road (D11).
At the second roundabout, head towards rue de l'église, then after the square go straight on rue Saint Jacques then rue du Moulin Cassanyes. Join the avenue de la Vallée Heureuse then go to the Vallée des Tortoises.

The Valley of the Turtles: You will meet several species of turtles and other unexpected animals. Once the visit is over, take the same route as on the outward journey. 

Turn left towards Laroque.
Turn right, rue Louis and Michel Soler.
Take a detour to the Tourist Office. Don't hesitate to venture into the streets of the heart of this typical village.

Return to the Tourist Office and head back towards Saint Genis des Fontaines, taking a left, crossing the bridge and going straight ahead.
Take rue de Tanya.
Turn Cami de la Creu and go straight towards the center of Saint Genis-des-Fontaines. Turn Place Jean Rolland and carefully go down Rue Clemenceau.
At the Tourist Office, the game "Isalia" will be offered to you to play detective in the cloister (same place). Once the test is completed, turn left onto rue Clemenceau then go straight on to the Pirenexus

Return to Argelès by the Pirenexus.
Turn left, same road as on the way out.


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