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Eurovélo 8 (2021) Tranche Argelès / Le Boulou

A beautiful variety of landscapes: From the seaside to Vallespir via the foothills of the Albères.


Fauna, Flora, History, Heritage, Cycle path, Point of view

Respect the highway code. The routes are shared with cars on quite a few sections. Provide good hydration. Wearing a helmet is compulsory for children and highly recommended for adults.

Follow the cycle path along the D81 on the left, towards Argelès. Pass over the blue bridge of La Riberette and walk along the Le Littoral campsite. At the Luna Park roundabout, continue straight on Route du Littoral.

At the next roundabout, turn left towards Boulevard de la Méditerranée, while staying on the cycle path.
At the end of the boulevard, continue straight on a gravel passage, between two buildings and continue to the promenade by the sea. Continue to the left on this promenade which runs along the beach, on the left. At 500 m, you will find yourself on the green promenade.
Be careful, the area is shared with pedestrians and it is very busy in the summer season!

After the funfair car park (on the right), turn right onto Avenue des Pins. At the Argelès-sur-Mer Tourist Office roundabout, turn left on Avenue des Platanes. Then, at the Arrival roundabout, take the first exit, on the right, and follow the main avenue Charles de Gaulle until the service station where you must turn right, route de la Mer. 
At the sports complex roundabout turn right, avenue Molière.

At the next roundabout, take the third exit, rue des Trabucaires. 
At this level, the cycle path runs along the street, on the right. At the roundabout cross the road towards the sidewalk opposite to follow the track and take the second exit, rue du 14 Juillet.
Continue right. You cross a ford. Immediately after, turn right. The cycle path runs along a one-way street, on the left and La Massane on the right.
Pass under the bridge and continue under the pines. At this level the track becomes a dirt road.
Be careful, section shared with pedestrians!

Cross the small footbridge at the end of the car park and continue straight on until you reach the Route de Sorède. When you arrive there go left then the first right, rue du Moulin Mars and continue on rue des Micocouliers then on chemin du Roua which passes under the D914. 
You pass in front of the Auberge du Roua. Continue then turn right crossing the river then join the road to Sorède where you will turn left.
Turn on the first street on the right which winds and leads to Chemin des vignes.

Turn right and arrive at Chemin de la Carrerasse. Go right then take the first left. Continue on the path that intersects the Chemin de la Pave. 

Arrive at the level of the river, cross and go on the left rue de les Coscolledes. Continue, then cross the river again and arrive on the Chemin de Saint-André. Be careful, you will cross an area with houses and possibly traffic. Go left.

After the houses, take the second street on the right then at the end of the street turn left and take the first right after a hairpin bend. Cross over the river, the Tassio, on a ford.

Go up the road and now cross the road to Palau (D11). Go right (speed bump for traffic).
Turn left to join the chemin de la petite Gabarre, go left.
Then turn right to join the Gavarra Baixa path.

* Connection for the Boucle des Albères "Jobs of yesterday and today" from this point.
After the gallows, turn right and go straight. After passing a ford, cross the avenue des Balèares. (Be very careful, cars arrive quickly and visibility is poor!). Go straight across a second ford.

Continue straight and go down rue Clémenceau (stay to the right, one-way street). Note the lintel and visit the cloister if time permits.
Continue straight, after the city park, turn left to join the cycle path that goes to Le Boulou.


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