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(E 12 – Sentier Littoral) Cerbère – Banyuls

Immersion in the underwater world.


Fauna, Flora, Coastline, Point of view

You enjoy nature, you love it, take care of it... You are taking a hiking trail along which regular household waste collection points are made available to you. Out of respect for this exceptional space used each month by several tens of thousands of hikers and walkers, we invite you to drop off all your waste (glass, paper, leftover food, etc.) and any that you may unfortunately discover during your walk. Thanks to these simple but essential gestures, let's keep this site clean, as nature has graciously offered it to us.

From the Cerbère Tourist Office, go up along the ledge by the sea and along the D 914. 
Turn right on the railway path and continue towards Cerbère beach. Continue on the path that runs along the cliff and follows the railway line.
Go up towards the holiday village. Bypass it on the right and climb the slope that runs along the cliff. Go back down and bypass the campsite on the right.
Take the track for about 100 m then turn right. The path runs alongside maritime pines and leads to the rehabilitation centre. Go down towards the rehabilitation center and bypass it on the right. Take the path on the left which allows you to enter the center through a gate. Cross the center for a few meters using the first gate and exit through the second gate (remember to close them behind you).
Turn right on a tarmac track and descend through cork oaks to Peyrefite beach.
Cross the beach. At the end of it, take the uphill path to the right. Continue the path to cross the scrubland then turn right and walk along the vineyard.
Continue straight then go down again by the path that runs along the cliff and vineyard plots. Continue on the track for about 150 m. The path climbs on the cove of Taillelauque.
Continue on the path that winds up the hill to a dirt track. Go up towards the talweg and turn left.
Go opposite and climb to the talweg to bypass the station. At the end of the building turn left and take the stairs that lead to the RD 914.
Go along the RD 914 and go down towards the Arago laboratory. You have to bypass it on the left to reach the port entrance. Take the Allée Maillol towards the Tourist Office.

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