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[Cyclo-Sport] Les Balcons de la Côte Vermeille

Sports course with stunning views.


Mountain, Bike Path, Summit

This route is difficult, be careful on the ridge road. Take something to hydrate yourself. Be sure to obey the highway code. Bon voyage on our territory.

From the Valmy car park, go down towards Argèles, crossing the bridge over the expressway. At the roundabout, take the first right onto the D114 and go straight until the next roundabout.
Take the third exit towards the corniche on the D114 continuing towards Collioure.
Arrive at the Collioure roundabout, take the first right, route de Madeloc. At the roundabout after the Cap Dourats car park, take the second exit, D86 on the Route des Crêtes. You will arrive at Col De Mollo. Great views of the coast. Admire the towering Madeloc tower. 
At this point, go straight, the road winds towards the Col de la Llagostera. Descend to Banyuls
Arrived at Banyuls, at Mas Reig, turn left then follow the road which passes in front of the municipal campsite "La Pinède". At the roundabout, take the second right, D36 to La Baillaury river. Then go left. You will follow the river then go on the avenue du Général de Gaulle to the seafront.
Go right along the seafront then pass in front of the Arago laboratory and leave Banyuls, staying on the road to Cerbère, the D914, as far as Cerbère, which you will cross. Go to the old border post.
Go back in the opposite direction to Banuyls,
Note the Canon exhibited on the seafront. From there, go straight ahead and after the pharmacy, turn left into Place du Général Bassères then rue Camille Desmoulins and left into Rue Camille Pelletan then right into Rue Aristide Maillol and at the end left rue Jean Iche.
At the end, turn right to join the roundabout and go straight on the D914, avenue Alain Gerbault to leave Banyuls and go back to Port-Vendres.
You will pass by the site of Paulilles.
Arrive in Port-Vendres and turn right on the road to Banyuls which leads to the port (downhill turn). At the roundabout, go left and walk along the Quai Pierre Forgas. Then go past the Place de l'Obelisk and leave Port-Vendres, staying on the D 914 as far as Collioure.
You will be in the Faubourg district of Collioure, continue the road to the roundabout of the Church and turn left on the road to Argelès. 
At the next roundabout (where you branched off on the way out), take the second road. Continue on the D914 to another roundabout where you will take the first right.
Arrived at a new roundabout, take the third exit towards Valmy.


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