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[Cyclo-Sport] Boucle du Neoulous

The Catalan Mont Ventoux!


Mountain, Viewpoint, Summit

Respect the rules of the road and be sure to hydrate yourself often.

Leave the stadium and turn left on Avenue Général de Gaulle. In the village, turn left onto avenue de Lattre de Tassigny then onto avenue d'Espagne.
Go under the bridge and along the Tech then cross the Maureillas river then continue straight.
At this point, you will follow the highway and then cross it. Go left then take the first left again.
Arrive in the village of Maureillas by the Mas Fourcade road.
At the Souvenir Français roundabout, turn left on D618 to cross Maureillas.
At the post office, turn right on rue Longue (D13c), you will pass in front of the campsite.
After leaving the center of Maureillas, take the D 13a towards the Col de Panissars (Via Domitia). You will pass in front of the Fort de Bellegarde (fortified by Vauban) then descend to the Perthus.
Arrived on the avenue de France (D900), turn left, then the first road on the right (D71). Begin the climb.
At the car park, turn right towards Saint Martin de l'Albère then climb towards the Col de l'Ouillat (D71a).
Arrived at the Col de l'Ouillat, you will find the chalet where you can cool off in an exceptional setting. Then continue on the track to the foot of Puig Neulos. Turn around and take the same route.
At this point, take the next road to the right on the D71 in the direction of Albère. You will pass next to the Saint-Jean-Evangéliste church and not far from a superb dolmen "La Balma de Na Cristina".
At the next fork, turn left. You will still be on D71. You will pass under the highway bridge.
Turn right on D71b. You will arrive at the very beautiful village of Les Cluses (famous for its Roman remains and located on the Via Domitia). 
Before the bridge, turn left and cross the D900, cross the bridge over the "rivière de Rome" then join the Les Cluses crossing which you will take on the left at Mas d'en Forcade in Maureillas. 
In front of the Musée du Liège, continue straight ahead.
Arrived in front of the post office take the same road as on the outward journey to set off again towards Le Boulou.


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