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[Cyclo-Sport] Des Albères à la Côte Radieuse

Discovering the sandy coast and the villages of the Albères.


Coastline, Plain

Provide good hydration and respect the highway code.

From the Château de Valmy car park, reach Camping des Mimosas below on the left and take Chemin de la Massane opposite the campsite. Follow the expressway and at the river, turn right onto Chemin de la Cérigue.

At the crossroads, continue opposite Route de Sorède. You will pass over a bridge over the river "La Massana" then over another bridge over the expressway and arrive at a roundabout.
Go straight and continue on the road to Sorède (D2) until Sorède.

Arriving in the village of Sorède, you are on the road to Argelès.
After the bridge, turn right, you will pass the Tourist Office. Then take the third left at the roundabout. Pass in front of the church and arrive at the village square which you will have to go around to go on the right onto the Laroque road.

Arrive in Laroque, avenue de la Côte Vermeille and turn right towards the shops rue Pierre and Michel Soler. Turn right at the bottom.
After the bridge turn left and stay on avenue du Vallespir which will take you to Villelongue-dels-Monts.

In Villelongue you are on the Ruta de la Roca. After Plaçia d'en Damia, turn right and immediately after the first left where you can admire the church. After Place de la République, continue on the Ruta de Montesquieu then straight on the D11 to Montesquieu.

Go past Place de l'houm and Place del Correou then turn right onto Grand rue. Continue straight ahead passing in front of the church and its enfeu.
Arriving at the roundabout, take the fourth exit, roundabout road to the end. After passing the two roundabouts (under the expressway) go right on avenue de la mer to the Lycée Sauvy de Villelongue-dels-Monts.

Go left to join the Route du Boulou which heads towards Villelongue-dels-Monts and Saint-Genis-des-Fontaines. 
In the village of Saint-Genis-des-Fontaines, at the crossroads, turn left then go straight, passing under the bridge of the expressway.
Arrive at Brouilla and turn right onto rue des Pyrénées then straight onto rue Beau Soleil. At the end, turn right and immediately left onto rue Arago which joins Place de la République.
Go right onto Avenue Maréchal Joffre then the D8. Pass a level crossing at the entrance to Ortaffa.

Continue on the D8 to Montescot then Villeneuve-de-la-Raho.
Turn left at the third roundabout into Villeneuve.
Turn right towards Mas Palegry. Turn right. Pass a level crossing.
Turn right and follow the road to Elne then turn left before the river "Le Réart" towards the D62.
At the roundabout take Avenue du Canigou and at the next roundabout take Boulevard Antoine Casenobe.
After another roundabout take the first left and at the end rue Raoul Follereau.

Turn left then take the first right and the third right at the roundabout, avenue Pierre de Coubertin then the route de Saleiles (D22) 
At the first Saleilles roundabout, continue straight on Avenue Maréchal Leclerc then at the end turn right onto Route de Saint Nazaire (D42). Pass over the river "La Fossella" and continue always on the D42. 
Pass next to the Chapelle de l’Arça. Arrive at a roundabout, take the third exit. You will go around Saint Nazaire along “La Fossella”.
At this point take the second exit, avenue de Canet (D11). The Étang de Canet is visible on the right. Arrive in Canet village. Continue right.

Turn right and follow the expressway to the Europa Center where you will then turn right, still following the D617 until the Esparou roundabout where you will turn right onto the D81a.
Before the Lido roundabout take the cycle path towards Saint Cyprien. Admire the view of the sea and the Canet pond. Arrive in Saint Cyprien beach via Boulevard Desnoyer.

At the large roundabout turn right and follow the Saint Cyprien village signs.
At the entrance to the village, at the second roundabout after the town sign, turn left in the direction of Elne, Latour-Bas-Elne.
Arrive at the commercial area roundabout and take the second exit. Go straight and turn left after the bridge, route de Latour-Bas-Elne and continue on avenue Narcisse Planas then avenue Paul Reig. Leave Elne by staying on the right along the D914. Pass over the “Le Tech” river.
At this point turn right towards Palau-del-Vidre. Arrive on Avenue Joliot Curie which crosses the village. In front of the post office, turn left onto Route de Sorède.

At the two roundabouts go straight ahead. Pass near the Collège de Saint-André, then at the next roundabout take the left exit towards the center of Saint-André which you will cross to head towards Argelès.
At the last roundabout in Saint-André take the San Père crossing and at the next roundabout turn left to enter Argelès via the Sorède road, where you passed on the outward journey, then take the Cerigue path. 

After passing under the expressway, turn left onto Chemin de la Massane. At the end of the path you will see the campsite "Les Mimosas". Turn left then right to reach the Valmy car park.


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