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A place of passage, of hope and freedom… The last southernmost port of mainland France, at the gates of Spain, the village is revealed through a rugged coastal relief which ends its course in the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Arrange with oranges and lemons... The international station impresses with its monumental space, its…
The city of Venus


Adorned with such an enigmatic name, the latter invites you to contemplate while strolling along the quays of its port. The latter, symbol of its glory and its development since Antiquity, is synonymous with life, inspiration, war, conquest... The obelisk dedicated to Louis XVI, which brings together young and old…
The hiking stopover


Authentic Catalan village, Laroque-des-Albères is nestled in lush greenery on the foothills of the Pyrenees. Here, the altitudes go from a few tens of meters to more than 1256 m, at Pic Néoulous, the highest peak in the Albères. Laroque, between history and nature… To soak up the atmosphere of this charming village full of history, close…
The majestic


Illibéris, the initial name of Elne, has been a land of unparalleled historical wealth since antiquity. The XNUMXth century cathedral, a majestic vestige of the ancient episcopal city, is visible from the sea and dominates the plain. Its cloister brings together a succession of medieval and Gothic sculptures in a luxuriant flowering of original themes. Fortified enclosure, towers, city gates and…
Solar by nature


A dynamic village that has managed to preserve its charm and authenticity, Sorède is located in a green setting. It will surprise you with the unsuspected wealth of heritage sites! Want to escape and get away from it all? The nature walks along the Tassio are aimed at walkers, while the Happy Valley and the Lavail Valley are…
The medieval


Saint-André is a pretty Catalan village located on the northern foothills of the Albères. Close to the lively beaches of Argelès-sur-Mer and gateway to a rich hinterland, at the foot of the Albères massif, the village of Saint-André is a stopover full of charm and tranquility. An ideal environment, with the beauty of the…
millennial treasure


Peaceful village located 15 minutes from the Côte Vermeille, one of the famous coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, Saint-Genis-des-Fontaines is home to a treasure of cultural heritage with one of the oldest written traces of Romanesque art: the lintel (early XNUMXth century) of its Saint-Michel abbey church (XNUMXth century), as well as the impressive cloister which is a…
The eco


Nestled in the heart of Roussillon, the lively town of Bages perpetuates an ancestral wine tradition. Benefiting from a privileged location between sea and mountains, it is home to several renowned cellars. They offer high quality wines made from century-old grape varieties, enhanced by the generous Mediterranean sun. City of Bages The astonishing Casa Carrère… Born from…
The village spirit


Typical village in the foothills of the Albères, marked by history, Villelongue-dels-Monts offers visitors a stay between quiet charm and discovery! Its territory stretches from the Massif des Albères in the south to the Tech river in the north and culminates in peak of Aureille at more than 1000 meters of altitude. The church dedicated to Saint-Etienne is in the classical style of…
land of sun


Land of sun, wind and history... Take a stroll through the steep, narrow streets of Ortaffa, which has preserved beautiful traces of its past. The civil bell tower was built between 1898 and 1900, on the occasion of the Paris Universal Exhibition. It is inspired by the Eiffel Tower and is one of these symbolic monuments. Some remnants...
The sportswoman


Small atypical town, Montesquieu-des-Albères is located on the foothills of the Albères massif and has a real village heart. Many historical and themed hikes on trails strewn with springs and fountains will allow you to walk on this natural barrier between France and Spain. In the footsteps of the lords… The first…
The glass palace

Palau del Vidre

A glass village since the XNUMXth century, Palau-del-Vidre invites you to discover this age-old know-how and opens the doors to its impressive heritage! The Sainte Marie de l'Assomption church, completely renovated, conceals many treasures. Two Gothic altarpieces from the XNUMXth century, a Renaissance altarpiece, rare objects, the mysterious Opening Virgin, the…


Jewel of the Rocky Coast, Pearl of the Vermeille Coast, City of Painters… There is no shortage of qualifiers to talk about Collioure. Nestled in a bay where the Pyrenees chain plunges into the waters of the Mediterranean, Collioure illuminates the Catalan coast with its shimmering colors. Its heritage, its landscapes and its position…
The luminous


Classified as a seaside resort, Banyuls-sur-Mer seduces with its typical vineyard landscapes, its preserved traditional architecture, as well as its pebble beach which ends with its marina. Banyuls and the artist Maillol Aristide Maillol's native village, Banyuls has honored the works of this internationally renowned native. YOU…
The natural


The listed resort of Argelès-sur-Mer owes its name to the clay soil (Argila in Catalan) on which it was built. This city of the 10th century extends over nearly 7 kilometers along the Mediterranean Sea: 2 kilometers of sandy coast - from the Natural Reserve of Mas Larrieu to Racou - extend XNUMX…
Banyuls sur Mer Cerbère Port-Vendres Collioure Laroque Albères Argeles on sea Villelongue of the Monts Sorède Saint Genis Fountains Saint Andre palau del Vidre Ortaffa Bages Elne Montesquieu Albères Location map of the Pyrénées Méditerranée inter-municipal tourist office

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